We solve the core challenges facing higher education.

Adapting to change

We’ve successfully navigated the massively complex technology and business processes required to succeed and keep pace with the heightened expectations of tech-savvy students. We help institutions anticipate and act on change before it happens — unlocking digital optimization and transformation to increase agility, adaptability and efficiency.

At AccelerEd, we work to find the right equilibrium between traditional and digital capabilities – always starting with a strategic focus to align on clarity in vision, strategy and leadership. We work collaboratively with students, faculty and administrators to best direct resources, process and education technology solutions toward the best outcomes for all.

Our experience working at a global scale is tested and proven. We have deployed countless digital teaching and learning tools and technologies all designed to enable better user experiences, optimized operations, and a foundation for ongoing innovation. We look at the education enterprise holistically so that we can best advance the university’s mission in a thoughtful and integrated way.

Our commitment: to provide innovative, affordable solutions that lead to the achievement of desired goals. Our core areas of focus include:


Looking to evaluate, design, and implement solutions for your most pressing challenges? Look to us for expertise and experience in:

Strategic Planning & Assessment

A review of the current portfolio of offerings, systems and processes to respond to shifts in the competitive landscape and to guide strategic change and alignment across enterprise education initiatives.

Digital Product Design

Analyzing, streamlining and designing supportive solutions for all phases of the student lifecycle, beginning with first contact and continuing through application, enrollment, admission, learning, employment, and engagement as alumni. Mobile-friendly modern portals that provide a personalized student experience and streamline communications.

Enterprise Technology Deployments

Overall ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system modernization, roadmap planning and configuration, and deployments for a broad range of systems including: Student Information Systems, Financial Aid Systems, Learning Management Systems, Marketing Automation, CRM, and Office 365. Enterprise architecture and integrations planning and evolution to position the university ecosystem for flexibility and scalability, while also allowing for adaptation as new needs arise.

Teaching & Learning Solutions

Building and deploying classroom and learning solutions that promote engagement and retention. Enterprise content creation and management across multiple delivery channels. Launching technology-enabled, scalable and accessible digital learning experiences.

IT Help Desk Support

Supporting universal enterprise technology applications with highly-trained resources to university IT operations. We provide 24/7 support through a variety of contact channels, and knowledge-based capabilities – blending innovation and technology with service and efficiency. Support services range from Identity Management, Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, common higher education applications, general troubleshooting, and more.

Innovation as a Service

Innovation is often deliberate, incremental enhancements to existing processes or tools. We meet our university partners where they are today – initiating the kinds of advancements and recommendations that streamline operations, pivot quickly, and improve teaching and learning.

Student Experience Design

Innovation centered on the things that matter most across the entire student journey – from application and enrollment to the full learning experience.
Recruitment/Enrollment Management
Financial Aid Planning & Analysis
Student and Faculty Collaboration
Career/Alumni Relations
Degree & Non-degree Programs

Modernizing the Education Technology Ecosystem

Proven platforms optimized and integrated for ease and efficiency.
Student Information Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Student Portals
Learning Management Systems
Content Management Systems
Collaboration Systems
Mobile Applications

Learning Design & Development

Digital teaching and learning innovations across the entire academic experience.
Course Design & Development
Content Design & OER
Strategic Learning Roadmaps
Interactive Learning Experiences

Data & Analytics

Understanding and insights to help guide decision‑making.
Predictive Analytics
Artificial Intelligence

IT Support & Services

A solid foundation for dependability and growth.
Identity Management
IT Security
IT Help Desk Support
Cloud Services


AccelerEd’s cloud-based technology platform supports and streamlines student learning. We deliver hands-on, real world experiences directly to students via an integrated and immersive virtual classroom that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Students access virtual computer labs with the machines and software needed for authentic, career-relevant learning experiences.
Virtual Lab Simulation
Application Streaming
Desktop as a Service

We partner with technology leaders to provide next-generation academic solutions that are scalable, flexible, and available on demand, making student learning more immersive and accessible.

Deepa Sidhu

We strive to provide impactful tools that help students learn, grow, and unlock their full potential to achieve academic goals.

Deepa Sidhu
Director, Quality Management