Next Gen EdTech

AccelerEd is an academic enablement company that makes next-generation technology both available and viable for educational institutions. We emerged from higher education. We know the challenges and constraints. We bring a seven-decade legacy in global innovation from which you can benefit.

AccelerEd - Academic Enablement Company

Innovation Works Here

We are educational strategists.
We are educational architects.
We are technologists.
We are designers.
We are developers and engineers.
We are building digital solutions and infrastructures that open the door to new learning opportunities.

Our Heritage

AccelerEd was born from the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) Office of Technology. As one of the largest distance learning institutions in the world, UMGC built a world-class technology infrastructure. We brought that talent, experience and knowledge to AccelerEd.

Learn more about our parent company, UMUC Ventures here.
Learn more about UMGC here.

With AccelerEd, experiential learning is available to students anywhere and on demand

Proven and effective by the innovators who work here.