Aloft by AccelerEd

Learn Anywhere. Improve Student Outcomes. Get in the Cloud.

Empower Educators. Empower Students. Improve Efficiencies.

Developed by educators and driven by academic need, Aloft by AccelerEd’s cloud-based educational technology platform delivers a dynamic student learning experience, with proven student engagement.

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Aloft Everywhere

Any device. Cross-platform, 24/7 coverage. All course materials, tools, and projects in one place. No expensive hardware or software requirements for students. Saved preferences and single sign-on.

Aloft Immersion

Prepare students for mission-critical, data-driven careers. ranging from database management to cybersecurity.

Through a secure, immersive, experiential platform and interactive environment with scenario-based exercises, students can: utilize a “Sandbox” that replicates real-world scenarios, engage in digital forensics to collect and analyze information, perform ethical hacking exercises in a secure environment, and deliver immersive learning capabilities.

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Aloft Passport

Scalable, hands-on, collaborative education.

Bring education technology to students, not students to the computer lab. Highly specialized, graphic, data and other computer-intensive applications for students on demand, streamed from the cloud to their browsers for instant access on any device.